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Top 10 Free, Responsive, Fast Loading, SEO Friendly Blogger Template 2019

Best free blogger templates 2019: BlogSpot blog is the first choice of all for blogging and to create a new blog. Most new bloggers ask me about the great blogspot template? Because what your blog looks like depends on what kind of theme/template you use and the look of your blog is the first thing through which visitors are attracted.

Through this post, I'm going to tell you some of the best free blogger templates that you can download and use in your blog.

Top 10 Free, Responsive, Fast Loading, SEO Friendly Blogger Template 2019

Top 10 Best Free Blogger Templates

After creating a blog, the first thing that comes to our mind is to use the template. At BlogSpot, we get lots of stock templates, but it does not have the features that will give your blog a professional look.

There are so many websites on the internet where you can use a custom template on your blog in paid/free and these templates give your blog look like a premium Wordpress blog.

But the problem comes when users turn to one of these thousands of millions of templates to use in their blog. Most bloggers become confused, which template do you use? Because the work of a template is not just designing your blog, apart from this, a template should be responsive, SEO optimized fast loading.

Note: Once you've created a blog, do not change the template, again and again, it affects your post's ranking and your blog's data is also at risk of losing.

Here we are going to tell you about Top 10 Free, Responsive, Fast Loading Blogger Template (no particular order), which we are sharing with you only after using it ourselves. Below we have given the preview version of every template (click on DEMO) and the download link.

1) Flexzine

It's a simple and attractive template that you can use for free to download. Like the blogger, this template also comes in the black & white color combination. Because its background color is bright white, words look very prominent in the post, so users will be able to read. If you want a simple and elegant template then you will definitely like it.

Demo | Download

2) WriteUp

The writeup is a Responsive Blogger Template which can be used for tech, news, newspaper, magazine or review sites. Good for There are all the features that we do a search, such as Social Media width, Slider, Email Subscription, Responsive design etc.

Demo | Download

3) The blogger Blogspot Template

The blogger is a great template that you can use in your blog. This template has both a free and paid version. With some basic features, you can download it in the free link below.

I use the same template in my blog, This template comes with a clean, responsive, SEO optimized, mobile friendly design. I like the color combination very much that comes in simple black & white color.

The blogger Blogspot Template
Demo | Download

4) Clean Blogger Template

Clean is a professional, responsive, SEO friendly Blogger Template, which can be easily opened in any device. This is a very lightweight template so that your blog's loading speed will increase. Ad place has been given a dedicated slot in this template's header. Its menu bar is also very unique as well as a social follow button here.

This post shows the image full size so that your blog looks very attractive and shows the mouse moving effect as well as the social share button in the feature image. Which makes it the best and unique.

Clean Blogger Template
Demo | Download

5) TechPro

As you know by name, this template is very good for a technology blog. This template will give you a premium WordPress theme. This template has some good features like;
  • WhatsApp sharing button
  • Two Ad Slots in Post Area
  • Social follow button
  • Attractive popular post widget
Demo | Download

6) Optima

If you are looking for SEO, Mobile, Speed Optimize Template and its Design are also better, Optima blogger template should be used by you. What I liked in it is that you also get two slots for posting ads within the post. Because it is a responsive theme, it gets fit in any screen size (desktop, tablet or smartphone) and looks quite beautiful.

Demo | Download

7) Bayna Template

Bayna is a free, responsive, SEO ready blogger template that looks like a premium WordPress theme. It looks very beautiful in the white and gray color combination in the template. The mouse moving effect is seen above the image of the blog post, which gives a premium feel.

I like the post area of this template quite well. In this, the word looks clear and prominent, as well as a social share button above and below the post.

Bayna Template
Demo | Download

8) Spicer

Spicer is a simple, clean, fast loading blogger template that supports any screen size and device. This template can be used in any niche but it is best for photography, food, reviews, movies, recipe, sports, travel blog. The feature of the post in this template shows in the image full size. The most special thing of this template, in its post, you get a Whatsapp sharing button, which is not found in most blogs.

Demo | Download

9) Claire Blogger Template

Claire template is a very simple and attractive template in whose homepage you get the option of a slideshow. This is a very nice template for fashion, beauty, travel, photography blog. Here, the sharing button that you've got under the post seems very attractive.

Claire Blogger Template
Demo | Download

10) SEO Boost 

SEO Boost is a minimal blogspot theme. This is a clean, fast loading, fully SEO optimized template that lets you use Lifestyle, Fashion, Games, Food, Blog, Health, Sports, Travel Technology, Business or Entertainment blog. For monetization, you will find lots of ad slots on the blog where you can place ads.

SEO Boost
Demo | Download

Hopefully, from the Top 10 Free Blogger Template above, you can choose the best template for your blog niche. Which of these templates did you like best, please tell us in the comment below. If you have found this post helpful, then do not forget to share it with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

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