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Benefits of Youtube Channel for Blogger

Benefits of Youtube for Blogging: If you notice, all the popular bloggers in the world have their own YouTube channel. In this post, we are going to talk about the benefits of the YouTube channel for a blogger.

The job of a blogger is to provide the best content to its visitors and to reach their content to the target audience. YouTube has a very big role for this, especially for new bloggers who have recently created their blog or want to be a successful blogger and want to grow it.

Benefits of Youtube Channel for Blogger

Importance of Youtube Channel for Blogging

In today's time, all the popular bloggers have their Youtube channel, or many YouTube users have their own blog/website. This shows how much of YouTube's role is today in the blog or website. Popular bloggers such as ShoutMeLoud, Backlinko, Neil Patel encourage you to video blogging and also add your YouTube videos to the blog.

Read the points below to find out why this is and why you should start a YouTube channel along with the blog.

Extra Source of Traffic

People now have the first choice of watching YouTube videos. You can also take advantage of this and send this traffic to your blog. If you are making a YouTube video for your blog, you can easily reach your audience.

You will know how big YouTube is from the facts given below.

  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the 3rd most visited website worldwide, behind only Google and Facebook.
  • 1 billion people visit YouTube every month globally.
  • 100 hours of video are uploaded to 60 seconds to YouTube
  • You can navigate YouTube in a total of 76 different languages

It also means that you can also attract some visitors' visitors/fans/customers by uploading videos to YouTube and send this traffic towards your blog.

Generally, there is more traffic in a blog search engine or more traffic than the brand value.

Note: Initially the new blog does not have much traffic for 2-3 months because it takes a little time to post rank, in this case, if you upload related videos to your blog post, you can definitely generate some traffic.

If I give myself an example then more than half of my blog comes from YouTube. You can understand the importance of YouTube.

Not only the blogger, but many companies also have channels on YouTube. This gives them more traffic and communicates more actively with their visitors, than any other social networking website.

Apart from this, you can also promote another blog. A blogger works on a lot of blogs together. You can also get started by promoting your second blog on YouTube.

Connect with your Audience

Definitely, the video is a better medium through which we can connect and interact with our audience in a much better way.

Many people are not interested in reading the blog. Reading for them is boring and more than reading the video they like to watch. Adding video to your post for such visitors is a great option.

You must have seen some of my blog posts in YouTube video embed. Through this, you try to reach the informers via text, audio, video in more ways to the audience. This will allow the audience to understand your point and engagement on your post.

The video is the best way to explain some things that you simply can not express through text.
Example: Videos are best for Tutorial blog. If you are looking at Photoshop's tutorial blog and you have both text and video then you will always like to watch videos and understand them well.

YouTube also has the option of live streaming, here you can connect directly with your visitors and you can get feedback for your blog as well as answering their questions. You can know what kind of posts your audience likes and what you need to improve in your blog.

This way you can increase the popularity of your blog and create a brand value of your blog. Your blog can grow faster than YouTube

Boost Search Engine Rankings

You may have noticed that YouTube videos often rank highly in Google's search results. This shows that Google considers videos as important as text.

Note: Cisco's 2017 study projects that video will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2021.

Increasing interest in people's video encourages Google to rank high-quality sites with video content. You can take advantage of this by writing a high-quality post on your blog and making the video on YouTube on the same content.

Benefits of Youtube Channel for Blogger

Note: Over 60% of searchers click on the first 3 results on Google, and over 90% of all Google searchers click on the first 10 organic results.

In the screenshot above, you can see my video ranking in the top of Google search for a particular keyword, while my blog post is not ranking in 2 pages first. There are more chances that people see my video, as well as the traffic, came in my post too.

You can get some SEO benefits using video within the blog content.

  • Build backlinks: You can create backlinks by putting a URL link in your channel information or video description on YouTube. If you have unique and high-quality video, other bloggers can link to you.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate: The lower the post's bounce rate, the better rank in Google search. According to SEMrush, the bounce rate is the 4th most important ranking factor on SERPs.To reduce the Bounce Rate, you can embed the video into the post, so that the audience's engagement remains, it will stay on your page for a longer period and lower the bounce rate.
  • High Rank in Search Results: If you have a relevant video and SEO is optimized, Google can rank it within its suggested videos, which usually rank on the first page in the organic results too.
  • Increase Authority: On page SEO techniques I told you how much more is needed for the use of multimedia. This increases the quality of your content and people start linking your content. This also increases the authority of your site. The more your website's authority in Google's eyes, your pages rank more quickly in search results.

So use your YouTube video as your blog content. Also, research the keyword for video, and SEO Optimize your YouTube videos using your keyword in title, description, and tags.

Double Earning

Making a video on YouTube is a hard task, but if you get money for it then you will also want to create a video along with blog post. Through Adsense, you can monetize YouTube and blog together.

By embedding YouTube videos within the blog post, you can double your earnings. In this case, you can earn money from blogs by ads place and earn money from ads coming on YouTube video. This way you will also get traffic from YouTube search and Google search and earning will also be double.

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You need a watch time of 1000 Subscriber and 4000 Hrs to monetize YouTube videos.

It is also difficult to get views and subscribe to YouTube at the initial stage. So if you have a blog, you can still promote videos and get views and subscribers.

If you become a bit popular on YouTube, you can earn more money from sponsorship and affiliate marketing. Because the trust of people increases on you from the video and you are able to generate more sales.

Because of all these reasons, I would recommend you if you are a blogger then you must start a YouTube channel or you can blogging if you have a YouTube channel. As we discussed above, how many benefits can YouTube have for a blogger, apart from this, it is also a second career option for you.

But sometimes it happens that you want to be a blogger but you get success in YouTube. In this way, you can also try your luck, because you may have a hidden talent that came out through YouTube.

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