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How to Fast Submit URL to Google | How to fast index blog in google

If your blog post is not fast indexing in Google search, then this post will prove to be very helpful for you.

Most of the new blogger (Techonplus) asks me to comment, "Our post index is not happening, it is 5-6 days, what to do? How to  Fast Submit URL to Google?"

If you want to get more traffic on Blog/website, then post/pages will be ranked in Google search. For this, your post must first submit URL in Google, then it will come in search results.

Here's the question in your mind what is the index? And how does Google index your post?

How to Fast Submit URL to Google

What is Google Indexing?

The process that webpages show in Google Search is called Google indexing. Meaning that unless your post/page is indexed in Google, it will not show in the search result.

Google and the rest of the other search engines are web spiders, which crawl all the websites/blogs by crawling them. When crawling a webpage, the web spiders crawl all the links coming in the same page. When the Search Engine fetches web-pages, according to Search Engine Algorithms, they index and rank them.

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Search engines sometimes send these web spiders to your blog. More often on High authority and popular blog, it sends to search engines to bots/spiders. Due to which index becomes index within a few seconds after publishing a post, while less popularity or new blog does not have post index for 10-15 days.

How to fast index blog in google

Normally, a post takes at least 2-3 days to get indexed into Google. But if you are writing a post on a current topic/news and it takes more time to index, then you will not get any traffic from the search engine.

Follow the steps below to index your blog in Google within a few minutes;

For this, first of all, your blog should be added to the Google search console and sitemap should be submitted. If you have already done so, there is no need to do it again.

Now you have to find out which post index is your blog and which post index has not happened?

For this, you search by typing "site: your domain name" (site: in Google search as shown in the screenshot. This will know which post has been indexed in your blog on your blog.

Those who have not to post index can index by submitting one-by-one webmaster tool in the following ways.

Step 1: Login to Google search console first.

Step 2: In the Search console's Dashboard, click the Crawl option and click on Fetch as Google.

Step 3: You need to submit the URL of the post you want to index, as shown in the screenshot and click on the FETCH button.

You do not need to enter the full URL here. Apart from the domain in your URL, which is already present, paste the rest permalink here.


Step 4: After fetching your URL will show below and from here you have to click on the request indexing.

Step 5: Now a popup like this will open in front of you.
  • Verify the first captcha here.
  • Crawl only this URL
By enabling this option, you can only index the same post in the search engine. Every month you can index 500 URLs with this method.
  • Crawl this URL and its direct links
Using this option, you can also index other linked URLs associated with the URL. You can use this feature monthly only 10 times.

Finally, click on the Go button.

Congratulation, your post is successfully indexed in the search engine.

To check whether your post has been indexed or not, you can look up at Google (site: your-domain-name).

If you encounter an issue or not indexed in it, you can also manually add your post to Google's new Search Console. To see this you play the video given below.

Other posts for Blog Post to Fast Index

- You can quickly index your post by using Ping services. Through Pinging, you invite search engine spiders to visit your post. Doing this, search engines quickly crawl your post and index it.

There are so many Pinging tools available on the Internet, some links are given below.


2-Ping My Links 


4-Ping My Blog

If you want post naturally fast index in search engine, try to increase the authority of your site.

- If you post regularly, your post will be indexed soon.

The more high quality backlinks your blog has, the faster your post will be indexed in Google.

Friends, if your post index is taking a long time, you may have come to know how you can fast-index your post in Google. If you have any questions related to this topic, you can ask me in the comment below.

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