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How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

In order to know how to add Google Analytics to your blogger process, follow the simple steps.

When I first created the blog, I always had this curiosity about how many visitors are coming to my blog. My blog was on Blogger, due to this you only get some limited stats. 

Later I came to know this stats is very important for the growth of your blog and Google has a service to analyze the traffic of your blog, whose name is Google Analytics.

How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

Google Analytics is a free service that lets you know all the information about the traffic coming to your blog. Not just traffic, there are so many features that you can use to grow your blog.

There are many tools available online to track traffic to your blog, but Google Analytics is the best and free of all those tools.

Benefits of Google Analytics

  • You can see the traffic in real-time on your blog.
  • Visitors can know the location (Country, States, City).
  • Users are reading a post on your blog.
  • What is the traffic source of your blog? (Social media, Organic search etc.)
  • Which of the blog's visitors are using the device use (Computer, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Which browser is accessing your blog?
  • Which keyword is coming to your visitors?
  • What is the percentage of new and old visitors?
  • How much is the Bounce Rate of Page?

Apart from this, there are many more features that you can see after creating Analytic Account.

How to create a Google Analytics Account?

Adding your blog to Google Analytics is quite simple. Create an account on Google Analytics with your Gmail ID and enter the Analytics code in your Blogger blog and configure it well.

Step 1- First of all, open Google Analytics website. Here you will find the drop down option of SIGN IN at the top right corner, click on it and click on Analytics.

Step 2- Now you will open a page like this, as shown in the screenshot below, here you have to click on sign up.

How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

Step 3- After clicking on Sign Up, a new page will open in front of you where you have to create a new account. You will need to fill up some account details for this.

Account Name- You can enter your website/blog name or your name here.
Website Name- Here is the name of your blog (Ex-Techonplus).

Website URL- Enter the URL of your blog without including HTTP or https (Ex- If your block has https enabled then you can click http:// here and select https: //.

Industry category- Here you can select the niche/topic of your blog.

Reporting Time Zone - Within this, you have to choose your country and time zone.

After you fill this all the details, you have to click on the Get Tracking ID below.

How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

Step 4- Now a popup of Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement will open in front of you.
First select your country here.
Below you will find a checkbox, click on it and click on I Accept.

How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

Step 5- A new page will open in front of you which will have the Tracking ID of your blog as shown in the screenshot.

You have to copy this Tracking ID from here and paste it into your Blogger blog.

How to add Google Analytics to a blogger blog

So far, you have created an account in Google Analytics and have created a Tracking ID for your blog. Now you have to add this Tracking ID to your blog in the second section.

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking ID to Blogger

Now login to your Blogger Dashboard. First, you go to Settings and click on Other option below it.

Here you will find Google Analytics section, inside the box next to the Analytics Web Property ID, you have to paste the Tracking ID code of Google Analytics and click on Save settings.

Your Google Analytics account has been fully structured and your blog has also been configured for Analytics. Now you can track and analyze traffic coming to your blog completely through Google Analytics.

You will have to wait two to three days to see analytics for your blog, then you can see the statistics of traffic coming to your blog via Google Analytics.

Click below to see it in full process video.

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