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Copyright Claim On Blog Website (DMCA Complaint)

How to make a copyright claim on the blog post (Blogger & Wordpress): A blogger is very important to protect your content from being copied. Anyone on the internet has a risk of stealing your content so that you can take any other advantage of the hard work you have done.

You and I am a blogger who writes a blog post by working hard for several hours but copying it takes some bloggers to your credit. Most bloggers do not even realize that their copy is also being posted.

Google always brings new updates to prevent duplicate content. Despite this, many times the content copied in the search engine is higher than the original content.

Copyright Claim On Blog Website (DMCA Complaint)

Theft of someone else's content is a crime and it is a copyright law. If your article and image are copied to another blogger on your blog or website, then you can file a DMCA complaint and completely delete the webpage from Google web-index or delete the webpage.

Today we will know how to remove a copy of a blogger or Wordpress blog by filing a DMCA complaint, from Google Search. But before that, you have to find out if your content has been copied to someone in your blog.

Find out how your content is copied or not

To remove duplicate content from Google search, first, you need to find out if your content is copied by a site/blog. Very few bloggers find it.

There are so many tools available on the internet such as Copyscape,,, which help you easily identify the content copied from your blog.

In addition, you can find duplicate content in Google search by putting a line of your blog post in double quotes ("").

Note: If a blog is copying your content, here you should check that the blog is fully copying your content or partially copying it. If you are partially copying, you are giving credit to him or not.

I mail them to a DMCA notice before sending them to remove my content, because once Google decides to send a notice, it will remove your content or delete the entire blog.

Note: If you report content in Google against the original content by stealing and reverse content, then you may find it very difficult because every DMCA complaint is reviewed by Google and they will know which content is original And what is the duplicate, only after that they take any action.

If someone ignores my mail, then I file a DMCA complaint. Read the full article to learn the complete process of submitting DMCA Takedown notice.

How to file a DMCA Complaint

The DMCA's full form is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a copyright law of the US that was brought to protect content from being stolen on the Internet.

For the time being, I have been seeing that some bloggers are copying my content and publishing it on my blog and thereby the traffic is coming to their blog too. It may also affect the rank and traffic of the post, in this case, you should take a DMCA complaint and remove those web-pages from Google.

Note: Google can only delete Blogspot blog by a DMCA complaint because Blogspot is Google's product.

But self-hosted Wordpress can only remove the blog from Google search. To completely delete that blog, you can send a DMCA notice to that site's web-hosting provider.

Before you can file a DMCA, you will need to know where the blog has copied your content, where it is hosted, ie Blogspot blog or self-hosted Wordpress blog. Most 90% of content theft blogs belong to Blogspot.

The easiest way to know the hosting of any blog is to visit the website and enter the domain name of that blog and find out who is hosting that domain.

If your content is copied by a Blogspot blog user, you can learn how to report against it by following the steps given below.

  • If your content copying is a Blogspot blog then you can click on Blogger / Blogspot or click on the Web Search radio button.
  • Now what you want to do? The option will come from here, you have to select the appropriate radio button.

  • Click on the button next to I have found content that may violate my copyright button.
  • In the next question, you will be asked if you are the copyright owner of the blog.
     Yes, I am the copyright owner or authorized to act on copyright owners' behalf.
You click on this option.
  • What is the allegedly infringing work in question? Below this, you will get 2 options. One is Image / Video and another is Other. Here you have to click on Other.
  • Like a screenshot below, a page will appear in front of you where you have to click on this form.

  • Now report that you have broken copyright infringement: A form of Blogger will open. After completing this form correctly, you have to submit it.

* Now you have to give some details about the copyrighted work.

Identify and describe the copyrighted work
Here you have to write a message of 2-3 lines that you are the original author of the content and the second blog has copied your post or image.

Where can I get an authorized example of the work?
You can add a link to the original post here.

Location of infringing material
Here's how to add a link to the post that you copy.

Finally, you will get a Sworn Statement where you have to tick all the boxes first, enter your name on the date and send signature below the day you are sending the notice.

After verifying the Captcha code, click on the Submit button.

DMCA complaint has now been filed on behalf of your blog. If your complaint is valid, Google will take action on the copied blog. It relies on Google that it will only remove content or the entire blog.

If you do not fill this form properly then Google will not take action on your complaint. And in the wrong report, Google may remove your own blog from the search engine as a punishment.

If a blog is copying your content and that's Adsense approval on that blog, you can also report it to Google Adsense. So that their Adsense account may be suspended or completely banned.

You may have come to know about how a copyright claim is made on any blog or website by DMCA complaint. Whenever you find that someone is copying your content, immediately take action against you and remove their content from Google.

If you have any questions related to Copyright Claim On Blog Website (DMCA Complaint) topic you can ask me on the comment below. You must share this post in social media so that you can help others along with you.

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